Mar 16, 2017
nukinuchan (All reviews)
75 % of sex scenes. 25 % poor scenario

Story: 1/10 There's not even a real story there. Just a bunch of stupid teenagers (and teachers too) who're so depressed they need to have sex with each others in every single episode. If you like to change from time to time don't worry they got a different sex pair almost each episode. It's like the author just want to show sex scenes out of nowhere. Ok 1 from time to time but every episode to the point there's not even a story?! No.

Characters: 1/10 All are stupid. Really nothing to save. Absolutly impossible to relate with any of them. The person I like doesn't like me? Fine I'll sleep with all the rest who'd want me.

Art and sound: 8/10 The only things I actually liked. Really good. Too bad it was used for such a shitty anime.

Enjoyment: 1/10 I really tried but my limit was episode 6.

Overall: 2/10 I couldn't give a higher rate. Really disappointed.