Mar 15, 2017
Sterps (All reviews)
In the end of Season 1, I thought the story was actually going to go somewhere. But as soon as I was halfway through season 2, I realized nothing really happened to further the story. I thought season 1 to have some potential so I came into season 2 with some expectations. I was pretty disappointed to be honest.

3/10 story:
There was little to no story. This anime felt more like a slice of life than an adventure type anime.

4/10 art:
The art was a big let down compared to the previous season. It seems they just rushed this out to get some profit quickly. People say it fits the anime, but an anime can have good art while having their characters making retarded faces. I feel like detailed retarded faces would be funnier. I honestly think even fan animations on youtube have better quality.

6/10 sound:
Nothing really caught my ears during the anime, but I never skipped the opening and ending songs at least.

6/10 characters:
I don't think I like any characters and that's in a bad way. In It's always in Sunny in Philadelphia, they are all assholes to each other, but I like them as characters. But in this anime, they are all assholes and I don't like their characters. Darkness in any situation is a pervert and is never serious. This really gets annoying and it was never funny in the first place. Aqua reminds me of an annoying version of Shinpachi from Gintama. All she does is scream and complain. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Megumin is an alright character though. Besides from the refusal to learn another trick than explosion to help the group, she's probably the least annoying. Tbh I kinda like Kazuma as a character. He's interesting and steers away from the usual cliches. He doesn't take shit from other characters even if they're a girl and voices his opinions on things. Like equality and such. Most of the characters are presented as is and they don't seem to have another side to them that we can learn about.

6/10 enjoyment:
Although this anime overall was disappointing story wise and comedy wise, It still got a few chuckles out of me, just barely. Nothing major really happened. I don't mind anime with no story or being episodic, but at least be really really funny like Saiki, Gintama, The Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Nichijou, etc.

5/10 overall:
I'm not being a hater towards this anime, I just wanted it to go in a different direction. This had the potential to be one of my favorite comedies, but all the jokes were just sex jokes and they explored nothing more than that.