Mar 15, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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Seen via japanese raw

Story i can't say for sure was consistent since i am not yet smart with the written language of Japanese.

Comical/funny. Given the art and name it is a clear love song. More specifically that of a young-ling. If anything is known about young long especially if it is one sided there tends to be a glue like bond. Or almost stalker like. Art is cartoon based. Don't expect realism. Color was well blended.

A perfect catchy song that matched the art to a T and quite possibly the plot as well. No need for adjusting the sound. It wasn't too loud or too soft. Similar music to the Beatles.

Even though i could not see a character profile one did not have to. You could tell all you need to from the visuals provided.

First time lovers might get a kick out of this.