Mar 15, 2017
84DaysWithout (All reviews)
Consistency is hard to find in comedy. Many shows can be funny some of the time, but few can build off their initial success to keep an audience engaged for the long haul. Konosuba avoids the common pitfalls found in its genre by building off the success of season 1, getting even crazier in its lampooning of trapped in another world tropes and continuing to satirize its characters who find creative ways to fail at life.

Having already established the character cast and running gags, season 2 is able to hit the ground running immediately throwing viewers into the thick of a prosecution against Kazuma who yet again can't catch a break from misfortune. It takes a mere 30 seconds to remember why we were so fond of Konosuba to begin with, and the comedy never loses it's momentum from there.

If you thought the characters were lazy idiots before, it's taken to another level where they're given the stage of an entire season to show just how ridiculous they can be together. Kazuma becomes the one true king of trash, Aqua an even bigger mess of tears and unwarranted self confidence, Megumin commits one adorable act of embarrassment after another and Darkness discovers creative new ways to flick her masochism switch. There's even a new character introduced in YunYun who's just as weird as the rest.

As with any popular anime sequel there's a lot of criticism being levied towards Konosuba that I'll address here. The arguments aren't necessarily incorrect - the art style is worse and the party doesn't make substantial progress, but these complaints show a lack of understanding of the point of the anime. This is a parody. They are supposed to suck. The joke is seeing just how many ways they can manage to make their situation even worse than before. The fact that they even managed to exit the town this season is cause for celebration, and of COURSE within minutes of leaving they run into another issue.

Being beautifully animated wouldn't make Konosuba's humor any more effective. Some of the funniest moments are when the characters devolve into a frantic mess of panic like when Aqua cries herself into a moving blob. The opening theme, easiest place for animators to make beautiful, has a scene with all the characters dancing out of model and only a few seconds later is a gorgeously animated Megumin explosion. The final episode has some of the best animation of the Winter season interspersed with some of the worst. It's all intentional and works well for this show.

After two strong additions to the comedy genre, Konosuba has inserted itself among the funniest anime in recent memory. A must watch series for those who can enjoy parodical slapstick humor, I pray that a third season is on the horizon for even more adventures from the worst group of travelers in virtual world gaming history.