Mar 15, 2017
galemaniac (All reviews)
This is a typical Harem manga through, and through. But it isn't that long so it does not drag, and it throws something new in when it starts to lose focus making it above all the bad harem.

Story - 6

Generic as hell, but i like the fact that the main character can die if he isn't in contact with the girls at all times which does at urgency at points which speeds up the plot compared to the trash out there.

Art - 6

I love this art style personally because its balanced while also looking over the top buxom, but i am a sucker for it so i can't say its anything brilliant.

Character - 4

I liked the lead at the start, but then he turned into Issei for no good reason, but because of their simplicity they actually have concluded arcs, and we get few to no loose ends.

Enjoyment - 7

nice art, no majorly glaring plot holes, and it has an ending. Its not great but i rarely went "really... you did that!?", and it didn't get boring at worst average.

Overall - 6

It was above average for being solidly written, if you like the cover art, and that is what you base harems off it may as well be a 7- 10/10 but it is really a 6/10 overall.