Mar 13, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate 6
English Subbed
Uncensored for the most part (two minor blurred scenes). overall 99 percent uncensored.

lacked in intro. Had a small moment of introduction with news but could have provided more insight. Repetitive and fast paced. Not in the good sense. Repetitive because the main girl kept relaying the same notion of how skilled she is the 'art'. Fast paced because you one story moment leads to another. With constant play backs.

It was original to some regard with it's rare element usage. No, this original feature was not good. I will call the feature morphing. If you ever actually edited an image or video by De-blurring, blurring or stretching you will have a better idea what i am talking about. The art is supposed to be crisp and clean with animation. Perhaps, it was cheaper method but the artists decided to 'grab' portions of the bodies and let in bounce around like a slinky. It just looks so unnatural that way. Also, art was not consistent. Mostly on the females tan-lines. Sometimes she is brown skinned. some times she is mostly white. It just does not match up. Same could be said about the penis illustrations.

sound- no complaints

Character- was moderately pleased with. The story line is mass trouble for unknown spread around the world. Makes sense for a camera to pop up somewhere to catch the events unfold. Then you have those background characters bring up one time players in flash backs? huh? We don't even really get to see a good look at them. I could care less about those players names.

Ending remark: A good plot but construction was clearly rushed. And don't even get me started on that tease of an ending.