Mar 12, 2017
Vaffanculo_ (All reviews)
Story: The story isn't overly amazing but its far from bad. The story is set in an alternate reality in World War 1, but it starts around 10 years after our own WW1 so instead of WW1 happening in the 1910's its in the 1920's. The weaponry and out fits are very WW1 looking with some changes, but the biggest changes is the use of magic. I'm not going into more detail because of spoilers but the first few chapters sum it up.

Art: The art is pretty damn good, its not Berserk or Uzumaki in terms of art but diffidently good.

Characters: Now the only real character you'll like is the MC and maybe Viktoriya but its pretty much a hit or miss depending on if you like the MC. If you like the MC you'll enjoy this Manga but if you dislike the MC you'll dislike this Manga.

Enjoyment: Personally I love this Manga. I love the WW1 theme, art style, and of course the MC.

Fun fact its possible and not unrealistic for the MC to be in the war. They said in the manga the empire is gender equal when it comes to soldiers and in our own history children as young as 13! where soldiers in WW1!So having an 11 year old girl in an gender equal society fighting WW1 isn't that out there.