Mar 23, 2010
Lamyisme (All reviews)
When i first started reading Hana-Kimi I immediatly fell inlove with the manga. Hana-Kimi grabs your from the first chapter because of its fun attitude, Amazing art, Gripping romance but probley the thing that grabbed me the most was the halarious comedy. I couldent get enough of this manga and somtimes i would go back and read a part just because it was so romantic and funny. I think Hana-Kimi is a great manga that is light you know? Its not full of drama and it dosent have that annoying girl who tries to get in the way of the main characters relationship (We all know that type of girl) And instead of focasing on drama it focases on the endless love between two people who have secrets but that they except eachother because they love eachother. Anything is possible and this manga showed that fantasticaly. I reccomend this manga to any Manga/anime fan that is thirsting for somthing new,fun and absoutly amazing. 9/10