Mar 11, 2017
Azren1995 (All reviews)
Tamayura : Hitotose, at first I don't hope that much of this but here's what I get..

Story :
At first, the story is somehow for me, quite deep and emotional on Potte. She hates photography but slowly tries to love what her late father loves to do when he was alive. What do you expect from anyone like after the death of someone dearly to them, of course, they don't want to be reminded of those sad moments. After finishing middle school, she moved to somewhere of a countryside in the series. There, she lived with her grandmother and having fun with her childhood friends and get this, she starts to pick up what her late father used to do. Well, I can go more from here but I'll stop there because this story is something that you yourself should watch. The story for me gives some kind of this "fuwa fuwa" feeling. Not because of the characters are cute and all, well. that is one thing but, clearly, it's just marvelous.

Art :
Art? I think it fits with the theme and definitely the airing year. So I can't say that much when it comes to art but I'll stick by saying that this art fits the theme.

Sound :
Ah, this I gave it a 9. Why? This is one of a few reasons why this series gave me some kind of this "fuwa fuwa" feeling. The music, it calms my heart every time. I can't even skip the opening and endings, it's just calms my heart. This is the kind of music what I would like to say, "Fuwa Fuwa" music hahahaha.

Character :
I don't have that much regarding this. It fits with every character. Every character has its own role and they did their role in a superb way.

Enjoyment :
As I was saying in the beginning, at first I didn't hope that much when it comes to this series but it left me with a big, heartwarming feeling every time. This is the kind of anime that you can sit back on a couch and enjoy it with families and friends. Maybe at night will make this anime more effective towards one's feeling as the story slowly brings you to what life really means but in a heartwarming way where all of us can accept the lesson to be told in this series. Not gonna lie, the story is quite slow in a way but I think that's what this series is all about.

Overall :
I definitely recommend this series to those who search for an anime to watch and enjoy together in families and friends. Depending on the person, I'm a romance genre fan but once in a while, these kinds of anime won't hurt to watch, and it left me mind-blown in a heartwarming way.