Mar 11, 2017
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Before I get started I want to say that this review is for the Japanese dubbed version. I do not know why myanimelist deleted the separate entry when they already had it set up on their site, but whatever.

Honestly, Spiritpact was kind of annoying, but it's not the worst I've seen. The main story is basically that Tanmoki makes You Keika his spirit shadow after You dies. You is the person who now will fight along side Tanmoki as he faces evil spirits and other people that come after him. There's more detail that you can learn about the plot, but I'd be spoiling a bit of the anime if I included that information. Overall, the plot was a mess though.

I guess the art and animation were kind of average. Nothing really bugged me about either aspect, but at the same time, neither one was necessarily good either.

The opening, ending and background music were kind of bad. I personally don't like the opening and ending themes. The background music didn't do it's job of getting me, the viewer, more excited about what was happening. Most of the music scores are kind of just there.

The characters are really bad too. None of them really have a special personality trait and a lot of them can get on your nerves really easily, especially You at the beginning. 2 or 3 of the main characters, like You and Tanmoki got some development, but no one else really did. Most characters were just present with no real purpose for being there and they didn't add much if anything to the plot.

Like many others, I didn't really enjoy this. Some episodes were ok, but more were boring and seemed pointless to even include. There's some ok action and other things from time to time so it's not the worst I've seen; I'd still rank this above many other anime I've watched, but I definitely wouldn't say this quit lived up to being average either. I don't recommend Spiritact, but some people reading this may decide to check it and like it.