Mar 11, 2017
Jawker (All reviews)
Before calling the cops, please read the review Because i really am not a pedophile guys. I'm not. This is a review for both seasons of mitsudomoe.

Mitsudomoe is something most people aren't proud of liking. although i can't help but Love this show and give it a 10. It Knows what it is and it does It's job right, it's hilarious, Doesn't Attempt to have a plot, and it doesn't have anything too crude or too Sexual, it has everything. the person who made this show does not give a shit what people think of it. and it's Great because it's this way

Story:6/10, there is no story,the three triplets and the Teacher's daily lives with some Side characters here and there.

Art:9/10, the art is very subjective, you either love it or hate it, in my case i loved it, it's cute, not too detailed and not too bad either, there are sometimes were the art fucks up but most of the time it's well done and it makes it more enjoyable.

Sound:9/10, another subjective thing, i really liked the Openings and endings were alright, The background music was Great and the voice acting was the best part of it, especially Hitoha and Futaba's Voice actors, i really loved the sound in this anime.

Character:9/10, Mitsudomoe has a bunch of very unique and hilarious characters.

The main three Sisters are each unique and funny in a way.

Mitsuba, who is sadistic and is Slightly overweight, Wishes to be called "mitsuba-sama' and wants people to respect her, Fails most of the time.

The middle sister, Futaba, is an airhead but is also incredibly Strong to the point of being able to destroy tables with her hands, she also has an unhealthy obesssion with boobs.

The youngest, Hitoha, is my favorite. She's Very similar to Tomoko from Watamote, She's quiet,Gloomy, and people are scared from her but she's actually cute when people talk to her more. she also has a pet Hamster called Chikubi ( Nipples ) and she also likes Gachi rangers ( power rangers ripoff ).

With other characters like the triplets 'sketchy' dad,the Clumsy nurse, The Fresh new teacher, the pantsu loving student and a masochistic mother, the series has lots of unique and fun characters.

Enjoyment and Overall rating:10/10, This show is Crude, it has tons of sexual themes and it has lots of crude,sexual humor. it's like a not-so-innocent version of Nichijou, there is no logic in this anime, there is just Lots and lots of hilarious moments, misunderstandings and stuff you don't want to be caught watching. the series doesn't have fanservice in it's Ecchi, as most of the Students are just middle schoolers but if you're into that then..suit yourself.