Mar 7, 2017
Robin0x (All reviews)
Since the first time I watched this movie, I finally re-watched it (after like 7 years I think?)

Story: 8
I really liked the story. I do think it should have explained this future Paradox was talking about better but now that we saw a futuristic Duel Academy in Arc-V, he maybe meant that?

Art: 10
I just loved the art :p

Characters: 8
I was super nice seeing Yugi, Jaden and Yusei interacting and working together. I've always loved crossovers for exactly this reason. There's nothing better seeing characters from different series/era's working together and fighting the same villain. And even though this movie is clearly focused on Yusei (which is logical), I do wanted more references to Kaiba, Joey and the other characters. Or maybe even show them.

Enjoyment: 10
I just enjoyed this movie. I loved the duel. The only Yu-Gi-Oh movie I would (and will) re-watch multiple times out of my own will :p

Overall: 9