Mar 5, 2017
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There wasn't one

A literal joke. They start out with a jack in the box routine and run it for 10 or so loops and they continue with that same and similar concept through most of the show. If that was not bad enough it was shown with zero color aside from black and white.

Sound- A HUGE UPSET OF A MESS! ( explained further in enjoyment)

Character- none

Never before have i had to cut the audio of anything off. It was bad enough what they did for an intro (i suggest turning volume low and keeping it low). Nonetheless, i still gave it a chance. The sounds that came afterword were either annoying, off tempo or completely uncalled for. Now given the voice it sounds much younger than the producer's i think would be so it might be a voice over that i listen to but my god! I suggest no one watch this. For even with audio stricken there is nothing to obtain from this.