Mar 4, 2017
Stranger_Hanyo (All reviews)
After being recommended I read Cross Game. So how was it? If you want a short answer, it's AWESOME!

I have never been a lover of sports manga/anime before and I don't know a single thing about baseball(well maybe except it is played in Japan and America, ;P). But I am a fan of romance and Cross Game, despite being a sports focused manga, portrays romance in one of the most beautiful ways possible.

The character build-up is wonderful, Aoba's developing feelings for Koh and his subtle love for her is expressed in such a way, that you won't find any moment boring. Mitsuru Adachi's art is refreshing and his plot doesn't feel to be lagging anywhere.

The side characters(I would prefer to call all of them just characters, though) are also a wonderful addition. Rarely do you read a manga where the side characters don't drag the plot down with their side stories. Azuma, Akaishi, Nakanishi and the rest of the Seishu players add cream to the already enjoyable story. However I felt that the addition of Mizuki was worthless, and he could have been done without. But that's just a speck.

Human emotions, character development and bonds are highly focused in Cross Game and any reader will be bound to find it enjoyable. You are a sports fan? This is definitely for you(and oh, baseball lovers will surely find it delighting and hopefully someone will explain it to me).

But what if you are the shojo fan who loves romances? Well, I am surprised myself, but to tell the truth, this one of the best romantic manga I've read till date. There's no sexualization, no kisses, no holding hands, just plain simple love between two school kids. Just read it, you'll love it, I can vouch for that!