Mar 4, 2017
bad_dong (All reviews)
I kind of feel bad criticizing this anime because people are so wild about it.

The art is fucking amazing. It's clear that the main artist understands how to draw realistically and stylize intelligently rather than blindly following the anime style template.
I love that the characters are distinct and are even of different nationalities. No same face syndrome here.

So the plot it pretty light.
I really wish they had focused more on it and character development then on ice skating. I know that this is a skating anime (is it though?) but I think all the extra characters were really superfluous.The filler guys should have had 30 seconds of animation to establish they exist. They should not have
spent so much time on the weird clown who still loves his ex or the creepy incest siblings and instead focused on the main 5 or so. The scenes with the characters out and about, interacting with each other were great. This is how story works.
I didn't think there was much tension. Yuuri does a skate. So does every one else. wow.

I dislike that Yuuri and Victor were never out. There's another review on here *dragging* the show for its queerbating so I won't get into it too much. It was clear from ep 1 that Yuuri is gay and I said to myself "if the show doesn't officially confirm this by the end I will flip." Well it happened and I'm
not surprised. I know people will argue "Japanese media/culture/laws blah blah..." but we all know that there are openly gay characters in anime. The creator of this just didn't give a shit.

PS this is one of the worst anime intros I have ever seen.