Mar 2, 2017
OnlyFestive (All reviews)
From the synopsis of Under the Dog, I almost debated taking it off my list.

It was a triple threat for me. High school meets action with banal characters - just awful. Despite this, it was only around a half an hour long, so I doubled down and ran through it expecting it to be as terrible as I had predicted. Fortunately, I was pretty shocked. The action was well animated, the characters weren't entirely as cardboard as I thought, and the story (even though ambiguous) actually had me pining for more.

Most of the mistakes that Under the Dog made were positively shadowed by good performance, well-adjusted sound design, and an attractive plot. The level of detail put into some of the scenes made me smile, which is usually something I don't normally experience when I watch anime. I was impressed by how much authenticity the scenes had, as well. This wasn't flash-bang Naruto-sequence fighting; it was choreographed, meticulous, and damn entertaining.

Some people might not agree, but I thought for the story that this anime tried to portray, it did a good job. While I think it fell victim to many mistakes that other shows do, it surely makes up for it in any other aspect. If you are debating, I would honestly just give it a shot. It's only a half hour of your time and you might be pleasantly surprised - I know I was.