Mar 21, 2010
eklie (All reviews)
This is the first anime I've ever seen that I would call random. I think the word random is overused when describing many shows but this show is random - random in a funny and fun way, but random none the less. Yes, I know the reading the manga would probably make it less random but that itsn't the point.

What the MAL description fails to convey is that the show is really just ten episodes of following a trio of dysfunctional people on a journey. It definitely suffers from a lack of plot, but it redeems itself because dysfunctional people on a semi-random journey can be really funny (the reason I stuck with it and suggest you do as well).

The journey has some vauge goals like revenge or finding something, but the goals are not the focus of the show - not that there is a focus to it aside from the before mentioned journey and the people who are on it. The themes of the episodes are to repetitive - just variations on Rahzel seeing and child in need and saving him/her with the help of Alzeid and Heat again and again and again. The story is poorly developed and ends up being disjointed - partly because it is so episodic. Many good shows are episodic in nature, but in this one the individual episodes rarely connected to each other at all and there is no transition between them e.g. random.This lack of buildup leaves the show with very little tension and almost no climax. Major parts of the story are never explained (for example how or why people can use magic is never addressed), although I assume the manga which I haven't read contains more detailed explanations. The show proceeds as if there is no gaping hole and you have the needed information to understand what's going on which makes it rather confusing at points. Several times I was left wondering either what the heck is going on or why on earth would this be happening.

The characters are amusing if not not well developed, and their banter will keep you laughing. Rahzel comes dangerously close to just being annoying -privileged 14 year old girl need I say more (?), but stays on the likable side by a small margin. Alzeid is a pretty great character, and really adds to the humor. The dialog is pretty fast paced and witty which is the biggest redeeming quality of the show. The lack of charter development is a little problematic, but somehow it mostly makes them seem disgruntled which adds to the humor of the show.The people introduced in each episode mostly do not have any real connection to the main characters and are only occasionally used to illuminate something about the main characters past, so in the end you have a random assortment of people who have not contributed to the plot. You find out very little about the main charters' pasts or even why they are traveling together which is kind of ridiculous.

As far as the art and music is concerned it's nothing special but overall not bad. The character designs are fairly generic and a little goofy. The op and ed are pretty bad.

While the lack of explanation and development of the plot (if you want to argue there is one) can be frustrating, I still enjoyed the show mainly for its humor and wit. It's kind of a silly anime but may prove to be a fun watch.