Feb 28, 2017
Melodie321 (All reviews)
I enjoy reading yaoi manga, but Neji no Kaiten is just... not my thing. I only read it because I was interested in reading a manga where the seme and uke sometimes switch

Story: Um, I'm sorry was there even a storyline? There is pretty much only rape at the beginning... I don't like reading this kind of manga. Dude, I think Hayato has Stockholm syndrome. Like wtf... there is nothing attractive about Ryuu in my opinion... how could you fall in love with your rapist e.e

Art: Quite old (published in 2000), don't really like this art style... the eyes.. Ryuu always looks so smug which is annoying

Character: Meh, you literally learn nothing about the characters' personalities, none of them have flair.

Enjoyment: Nope... sometimes some bits were pretty hot but most of the bits I read were painful to read through.. I didn't really enjoy it.

Overall: Didn't enjoy it, not planning to pick it up anytime soon.