Feb 28, 2017
aedonis (All reviews)
Sparrow's Hotel is about a woman who works in a hotel on the rowdy side of town. She is talented, beautiful, and just happens to be the hotel's bouncer.

Starting this anime I had very low expectations for it. People on MAL gave it a pretty lousy review and frankly, the cover image for the anime looks like crap. Surprisingly enough, the low budget production actually wasn't too bad in the first episode, or the second, or the third. I found myself laughing and really enjoying the show. The poor art quality actually worked for the show and its level of humor. It wasn't until the 7th episode that things started getting weird.

Have you seen an anime in which the MCs are anime creators themselves and the project they are working on goes through a massive change in the middle of production? Well, Sparrow's Hotel is a RL representation of that.

All of a sudden on the 7th episode it looks like the whole production moved to a different company with new artists and possibly new voice actors. It was very unsettling since I watched all the episodes back to back. The art style actually got better after the change, however, since it was such a big difference, it was very distracting. I couldn't get over the change in time to truly enjoy the rest of this anime.

All in all, give this anime a try expecting it to be what be what it is: a poor soul that seemed to want to do better but couldn't.