Feb 28, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate of 6
English subbed

Was important in-regards to life's choices. Many kids live life carefree not knowing of the dangers that await them. Sure they are based on folk legends but with each legend there is some truth. Otherwise they would not last long. I also enjoyed the promotion aspect. A nice little sell of a story to get you to buy their comic that would have more stories.

again was somewhat flat depending which of the two stories you reference. Voice overs works on some still scenes but the camera should still be moving. For without movement there is no suspense. Unless, by the grace of god the speaker is someone like Stephen king a master at verbal horror. A rare gem that does not need visuals to make you stain your underwear.

the character voices were a good match.

it was not character based knowledge more environment based. Which worked with stories.