Feb 27, 2017
Mai Zhu (Anime) add (All reviews)
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seen via English subbed

Mild entertainment value. Good for a few laughs but that it. A good plot would have multiple turns. Here it is only one and you can see it coming. Therefore lacks in suspense. One good element they used was the took into count the pig's narrative on how it impacts him.

No question art was good on the eyes. Could have been because i watched it via high definition. Art had two different formats that blended well with the story and comical aspect. Second format was cartoonist in-regards to the pig's p.o.v.

Each main character regardless if they were human or not had there story told.

Life's work can be hard at times. Pressing forwards when life does not work out in your favor is vital. If you are struggling i suggest watch this to remind you of the fact other harder aspects in life occur and they can still get by with a smile on their face.