Feb 27, 2017
Hanahebi (All reviews)
This anime was added to my queue by a friend, and I started watching knowing little to nothing about it other than the display picture was attractive. The art style of the show certainly delivered. The outstanding colors and detailed character design was the most consistent aspect of the show. Given the genera, it's not surprising that the music was top notch throughout, though I must confess I'm partial to classical music.

The story had a lot of potential, but is where this anime fell a little flat for me. The main protagonist was mostly background driven with little attention to personality, which made it difficult to care for his hardships the way viewers are meant to. What really ruined the atmosphere the most for me was the relentless amount of repetitive monologues.

Overall (while not thinking too much about it), it's a very enjoyable show with plenty of humor and is emotional enough to make wimps like me cry. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a visually appealing show and doesn't mind a bit of drama.