Feb 9, 2008
alx222000 (All reviews)
Quite some time ago, I saw Jubei Chan - The Ninja Girl, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Now that I've finally started purchasing anime for my own collection, I decided to get the sequel, hoping to once again enjoy some nice modern-samurai comedy.

One word: Disappointed.

The art is still nice and clean, and the battles are intense, but that doesn't really make up for the lack of other interesting parts to the show.

While I say the battles are intense, this may not be considered a good thing by all, as the battles now consist of simple power Vs power, high-energy fights, which I cannot remember being a focus in the last series. And even then, the fights are few, and they are usually over all too quickly.

Outside the fighting, there is the story, the supporting characters, and the comedy. The story itself is decent enough, following in the footsteps of the previous entry, though this one seems shallow in comparison, and many of the serious scenes seem unnecessarily drawn out, along with seeing the same flashback a couple too many times.

A fair number of the supporting characters from the original have been made almost inconsequential, taking with them a number of interesting and amusing personalities, in particular, Koinosuke no longer being a major character has left a large hole that the writers don't seem to have been able to fill. A few more still present, who were amusingly silly in the previous series, still seem to be silly, though less amusingly so, and are possibly getting a bit too much screen time than they should. On the flipside, the few 'important' supporting characters returning from the last series are well implemented and deserving.

As for new characters, well, if you count the Siberia Yagyu group as one character (since they always appear together), then there really aren't many, not even with the inconsequential ones, and none are interesting enough to make up for characters lost.

And lastly, for comedy. Well, apart from the previously mentioned silliness of some characters, and a few jokes repeated from the previous series (reminders of how good the first series was), there really isn't much to talk about, though what little there is that works, works well.

Despite all that negativity, I don't believe it's a horrible series, but if you're a fan of the original, don't be too excited by the prospect of more Jubei.

Before I go, I'd just like to say, that 3D animated......'thing' is freaky, and should never have existed. Seeing that thing was a real "what the..." moment.....every single time I saw it.