Feb 24, 2017
resinweber (All reviews)
Overall: 7.5

There were things I enjoyed about Wolf Children, and other things that I found lacking and even a little bit detrimental to the movie. Some people found such things to have really harmed the movie, so my review is subjective, and I hope to give anyone planning on watching it a good idea of what they are in for, without spoiling too much.

First, the good:
What I really liked about this movie, and what made it stick as at least a solid 7, was the adorable overtones. As you may know already, the children (as well as the husband, who isn't in the movie for long) can transform into wolves. The director is really on point with how well he mixes the cuteness of animals and children into some very cute characters and scenes. The whole movie looks a lot like something out of Studio Ghibli, which helps balance out the type of cuteness it portrays. It's not "Suupa kawaii desu" cute, it's endearing, and some scenes, which admittedly have little to do with developing a plot, still caught my attention.

Some things that made me really think they could have done better were in the area of plot and character development. This movie seemed to take itself a little more seriously than a typical slice-of-life, having some conflicts and resolutions, as well as a set of events driving the action of the story. However, the events in question were a little off-putting. Sometimes I would be taken out of the story by some random decision the mother made, and I would go "what? Why would you do this?" When, for example, she was looking at that house in the country, and the realtor was giving all those disclaimers, she was like "I'll take it." With no forethought towards looking at anything better than the piece of work that laid before her. And I kind of get it, she needed to seclude herself and her kids from people because they're werewolf-kids, but you know, her decision seemed hasty. What bothered me more was her decision to quit working and live solely on the savings she had, to raise her children. I guess there are reasons for that, too.

The music and the art were definitely something that established this movie as something that, to me, was worth watching. I can only describe it as beautiful. I would not go so far as to say that the whole movie was beautiful, though. Not really a tear-jerker, because all the tear-jerking developments were not done right. For example, you notice that there's a romance developing near the end but there's so little context to it. The moment the two characters in question appeared in the same scene, they looked at each other, soft music played, and you just know that they're gonna end up falling in love after like, one struggle.