Mar 19, 2010
Dunkjoe (All reviews)
Um, Happiness! OVA started off with its usual roundabout storytelling method, but picked up pace after Jun turned into a girl. Not especially surprising storyline.
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Very straightforward story, albeit strange. Strange as in some characters had personalities a bit off, a new character hugs Saya, Ibuki attacks her best friend and etc.

I like the part where happiness was spread, as a tribute to the show's title, which the original series doesn't really seem to show.

The colours were a bit dull, but it's still ok.

Not much impression. OP and ED same as original series, which was ok. Special effects and bgms were barely noticeable.

The main star of this OVA is Jun, which I have long taken to be a girl. All the characters seem like the same before the ending "arc" of the original series. But some characters seem to have a change of personality.

Gag humour. :D

Ok. Fine. So-so. This is basically an OVA for those ppl who wanted Jun to really be a girl.