Feb 19, 2017
Amnesia (Anime) add (All reviews)
Tentai-chan (All reviews)
A cliche story but it is the nature of an otome. Like going back from the start to have the route for each husbando or boyfriend. The story is interesting because it is mixed of time travel adventure. The main protagonist & antagonist are traveling to a different world line. I respect people's review why they hate this anime because of the final episode. I think they didn't know some of otome games. You have to analyze why this anime didn't show the chosen route of the heroine. It is made only 12 episodes. Books or mangas tell you the story. Anime series or movie make you watch it; and Games make you become part of it. If you want to choose a husbando or boyfriend of the heroine, I highly recommend to play Amnesia: Memories game. It has a better story and the length of each story's route is very good than the anime series. And you can choose your final husbando/boyfriend it depends how you answer of each guys in their route. Anyway, I still love this anime series. If you will ask me, I want Kent and Ukyo's route hahahah! I wish to have Waka and Orion's route too LOLZ.