Feb 18, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate of a 4 (decent)
seen via English subtitles

Note: this a trailer to i am guessing an upcoming anime? Or at very least a promotional tease to get networks to pick up their show.

Too many things about this were very off-putting. From the use of art to what can be see in plot thus far. Granted it will be hard to critic on clips from different portions of possible different episodes but i will try my best.

In brief general terms you have a female whom appears to have vast knowledge about this world only to shortly go easily. One would think with a high knowledge you could put up a fight of some kind right? This fails to happen.

I understand they are going for some unknown world vibe out look. However, the colors don't seem to match at all. They all appear as abstract paintings. Which makes sense in dreams i suppose but it really does a number to the eyes. Eyes are one of the few things that connects dots to the brain to allow for memory recall. The wide uncalled for split in colors hinders that process. Also, they go for a manga like set up in some scenes. Manga set-up is pictures aligned next to each other. You could have as many as 6 or so on a screen still. Normally, i would not mind it but japan and english each took a different side to how manga (comics) should be read. Left and right (America) vs right to left (japan). Which leads to hitting the pause button. If a movie of show is any good whom wants to hit the pause button? you are supposed to be wrapped into the show.... riding on the edge of your seat right?