Feb 18, 2017
Hereditus (All reviews)
In this age of anime and manga infested with average goody two shoes main characters, wouldn't watching the assholes, sadists and psychos take the spotlight be quite fun and refreshing? If your answer is yes then Kakegurui is for you.

"Gambling is the reason to exist." Apply this quote to every student in this school.. Why? Well, that's the damn reason why the institution where our characters enroll is even standing erect for. Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the wealthiest of the wealthy come and enroll to show their prowess in gambling and deceit... or in other words, where the spoiled brats who think highly of themselves come to gather and fuck each other up. Everything here can and will be treated as a gamble. Looking to play Rock, Paper, Scissors? Why not toss in a bet of 100 million yen for each player while you're at it? Want to play a game of dice? Well, why don't we double up the stakes at 200 Million Yen?

Huge amounts of money here is treated as cheap change, yes, but once you do run out of it, please prepare for the worst. Not even your human rights are safe once you do fall in a debt, is all I can say.

Abuse of power, trickery, sadism, as expected of a system that is driven by money, it's all in here. It really is screwed up but that's what makes it fun, does it not?

The characters are what makes this story what it is. From bastards and bitches to evils geniuses or just plainly insane, that's what makes most of our cast. Just seeing them interact with each other is a lovely sight and the development they get from doing said interactions is what drives me to read further and further into the story.

The art is fantastic. It just perfectly captures the characters' various emotions and moments. Ecstasy when they're winning, despair when they know they're good as fucked, shock when shown deceit, desperation when they're way behind the game, hell even orgasms.. you name it and it's done beautifully.

Enjoyment is a 10/10. Watching jerks getting owned by our main characters' (who are by far no pure-hearted people themselves) intricate trickery and plain ingenuity is just too much of a pleasure for me.