Feb 17, 2017
Ollleksa (All reviews)
I expected really much from this anime series, and start watching it with caution. Well, it is on the top of both score and popularity rankings. And it is my favorite genre - Sci-Fi. So I could be so bad if my expectation did not come true. BUT they come true, and hell-yeah I love this series, and all my friends already know this, just because I talk about it really often.

(I didn`t play the original visual novel if somebody will ask)

So Steins;Gate...

Firstly - it is Sci-Fi and in a good old sense, no some pseudo-scientific trash or mecha, but well known and nice time travel. And despite I like time travel, it also was one of the few problems of this series, it was not original. Well, Okarin and others are original, but all of the problems and paradoxes already are well known, right from the times of Wells. So if you, as I am, had watch/read much sci-fi, you will probably notice some similarities.

But I mast admit that story is solid here, not without flaws, but still, it is the good one. What we had: time machine (so badly build), cool scientists (but some sort of degree had only one) and the evil organization who want a time machine for them. Adventures of ours heroes are interesting, sometimes fun, sometimes sad, and I will not say more. Main questions as always are questions about choice, fate and what really matters in life.

Ten out of ten. Probably even better. It is them who define this anime as epic. They are really good, not many fiction works had so interesting and realistic (with one remark) characters.

Main character: nice guy, a good friend, and creative person - Okabe Rintarou, but you probably will remember him as slightly perverted, MAD SCIENTISTO Hououin Kyouma! But everybody calls him Okarin. He is not the just regular mad scientist, because he is not scientist and he is not mad, but he act like this, and it is fun to follow him. And he is so real for me, some of his distinctive features can be found in me too. You can go in some technical faculty of the university and you will find someone as Okarin, they running around, speaks some nonsense and trying to create time machine out of microwave and Geiger counter. And these people can do the greatest discoveries, so do Okarin.

All others characters are good too, Kurisu Makise - the best time travel hot science girl, and well she had a good personality, despite being tsundere sometimes. Daru (Super Hakar) - some fat perverted genius-hacker, who add some awkwardness to anime, but not many. His pervert phrases are inserted just in right moments to create fun situations, and they do not spoil anything. Mayushi - main moe power of this anime. She is fun, nice and cute, be seriously prepared, not many can deal with so much kawaii. Tut-TuDu!

And there are more of cool characters. And they all changes with the flow of events, it easily to believe in their relations and motivation. You will love them all and probably will feel all their feelings. I definitively will remember them.

Well and there goes the problem of all anime - They all are so young. Like Okarin - 18 years, and he created a Time Machine, Kurisu - 18, and she is one of the best scientists in the world. Why not give them some more time. But not.

==Music and Art==
It's all good, nice ED and OP, but nothing special. And nice art.

This series had right proportions between fun and serious staff and unexpected turns of the storyline, what you possibly need more?

If you fan of sci-fi - it is for you. If you are a fan of drama - it is for you... Well, it hard to even find someone who will dislike this series. Even if you dislike anime - you still can watch this and have a good time. It is mast-watch for everybody.