Feb 17, 2017
KoharuV (All reviews)
The art and animation is absolutely spectacular as is the songs that go along with it. I particularly enjoy the ending with it's cute, crayon animation and simple songs. I would give full marks if the criteria were just the animation and sound quality, but it sadly isn't. ..

The characters are very one tone, even the main characters are not very dynamic. The main character is overly cute and clumsy to the point of it being off putting while her partner is so cold that it's a miracle that she can even be a successful idol and both have backstories that simply fall limp.

I was expecting this show to be stupid and light hearted, which it is I guess, but it could be so much better. It tries to be series and show real problems that people around the country may be having but it doesn't take those issues seriously and it doesn't actually solve the problem in productive ways.

I love idols and will watch just about anything with idols in it because of the music, but this is just a laughable attempt at an idol anime.