Feb 16, 2017
Sadi-st_Tanmoy (All reviews)
This will be a review of the original series and the special episode together. If you plan to watch this anime, then make sure to watch the special episode "Hajimete", otherwise the story won't be complete.

Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou in a sentence is a mood refreshing anime. If you are exhausted after watching an intense anime, then this anime will do the job. It has comdey, romance, spice of life. But nothing is intense. It is a charm in its own.

Story - 8/10
The story is about the everyday life of the five residents at Kawaisou Complex. Everyday they are fighting, arguing, joking, making fun. The comdey is good. There is a slow pace romance building throughout the anime between Usa and Ritsu. It was fun to see. Again, nothing intense.

Art - 9/10
The art was really good.

Sound - 8/10
The sound was well matched. Theme songs were good as well.

Character - 8/10
The characters are all very hilarious. Not much character development except for Usa and Ritsu.

Enjoyment - 8/10
Enjoyed it from first to last. It's far better from many boring spice of life animes out there.

Overall - 8/10
Good enough to be rated 8.