Feb 14, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Story: Mirai a middle school girl who still carries her teddy bear accidentally finds a witch named Riko. A magical miracle happens when both of them hold their hands together as they wear same kind of linkle stone and there are 12 more which they must gather.


At first i got a feel of looking 'harry potter series 1" with only female students ( especially train station as converging point to magical world station, snail train etc). Introduction of Principal was good. For me the only character that was good in it is Maffurin ( the teddy bear) For about 20 episodes, the series was unpredictable and creative. We wanted to see it what happens next with curiosity. There is so much adventure that can be feast to your eyes .

Art: Too good. Beautiful scenery is shown in the anime. For instance there were lot of flower garden, mythical pegasus and fairy world.

Sound: Perfect sound tracks.

But the most boring part is "transformation" scenes. It is unbearable to see a single transformation once in this kind of anime but here there are 2 levels of transformations which occupied lot of time in an episode. Villains are just dummy. There is stupidity in confusing the viewers by trying to introduce "dark magic" is different from mugic and mugic lead to dark magic concepts. It may have confused you here. But if you see the entire series.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed only the first 20 episodes ( later 6 episodes or so) as the next episodes seem to be dragging the series unnecessarily.

Overall: This shoujo anime is just for little kids to whom we want to teach the value of friendship. But for grown ups, when Mirai constantly says about Friendship in obsessive manner, it irritates. Her cries to see Riko at the End seemed unnatural and gave me the feeling of shoujo ai and awkward. I was not able to comprehend here longing for Riko alone when there is Haa-chan too. For me that spoiled my interest in the series.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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