Feb 12, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate a firm 5 (mediocre)
seen via english subtitles

Notes: like the first one this two is broken into two parts an intro piece and a conclusion. Also, this is a scene mashup. Or a timeline if you will of shows.

First time i say the basics of this was clamp in wonderland 1 with 2 now see i have a more general idea of what is going on. Since it took seeing another for needed background knowledge is one of the few things why this got a poor rating.

-artwork depending on the show stayed the same for the most part seeing how some of the characters were stripped from their original show background.

-art: seeing how this is a timeline as i mentioned before treat it like someone. I understand you wish to reflect on what was done but provide a better catalog of events. Without organization leads to chaos. The only reason aside from reading a backstory on this that i know it is a mashup of different shows is because i watched chobits in the past. If i did not i most likely would have thought this was a new show different from other shows. Which this is not.

-plot: similar to my negative art comment make something easy for the reviewers. How about Chobits made in_____ followed by _____. Or how characters jumping in and out of manga in an order of some kind that is made apparent.

-plot: remained the same like season 1. From the romantic music to the sighing finish. Same random mix of characters free-for-all.

Ending remark:A true fan no problem on the pickup an amateur will need help. Finally, so much could be done it is just sad to see it wasn't. The only reasons why it faired as well as it did was it was so random it was slightly funny(not haha funny) and it was a good way back memory jogger.