Feb 12, 2017
silentlibrarian (All reviews)
If Hakuoki anime is having a bastard love child with Hana-Kimi manga, with a dash of Ouran High School, then that's exactly what this manga is.
TBH, in terms of story and characters, this manga is pretty bad, I would give it a 4 out of 10, but because the art is so beautiful in drawing the bishies, I'm being generous and give it a 6/10 overal score.
Fanservice for reverse harem fan is the sole purpose of this manga, and the only reason anyone should enjoy this in any way is because we are a sucker for Shinsengumi Bishie and would sit through reading this very silly shojo manga just to stare at the beautiful art that looks almost exactly like those in Hakuoki anime.

If you're in the mood for silly romance with terrible story but a sucker for beautiful bishie, then give it a go, otherwise, don't waste your time =P