Feb 12, 2017
Lance92 (All reviews)
goody. another game-based hentai , and another hentai that has hypnotism as its main plot.

the girls here look pretty hot, and they have tits the size of volleyballs, which is why i gave such a high score on characters (yes, they could be a little too much, but i don't care. i'm simply too sick of real girls and their flat chests).

overall, the sex scenes are kind of mild. there are no gang rape (despite the fact that the mc is not the only guy here), no kissing, no ahegaos and no x-ray vision of the wombs when the girls got creampied (at least, these are the main things that turns me on in a hentai). furthermore, the pink-haired girls was not fucked. on the plus side, the mass masturbation scene at the beginning is kind of hot, and so are the girl's slutty voices.