Feb 11, 2017
CFKaligula (All reviews)
It starts of really interesting. Sketching a future, that could actually be pretty close to reality. We are introduced to Chicken George, a chicken man evolved from an artifical chicken breast who is a genius and has come to earth to eradicate human life, at least thats what he says. The message of the story is that humans are bad and destroying the earth, and that's why the plants take revenge.

All the enjoyment of this manga will be mostly from the plot around Chicken George, other main characters don't feel like real people, more like devices used in the story to make stuff happen. So when at the end of the story Chicken George is out of the picture, you see how bad it actually is without him. The only reason you may want to keep reading is for the ending, which doesn't really surprise.

The art is very interesting, it really fits the story with its creepiness and strong shading. Making it look like a real dystopia.

I started reading this mostly because it started of really interesting but it slowly goes downhill and becomes more of a drag. Only if you are interested in weird sci-fi future stuff I would recommend this.