Feb 7, 2017
AobaSuzukaze (All reviews)
After 2 seasons and the initial ova series, there isn't really anything that you should still be wondering about now. There also really isn't anything new to expect here either. There's no new story, art, animation, character development, etc. It's simply the great old Seitokai Yakuindomo that you've probably come to love by now, unless you're still watching a series you don't really care for that much.

The only main point I can really make about this set of ovas is that they take place before Shino and Aria graduate. I'm just assuming that they are extra adventures that weren't shown previously. Besides for that, there's nothing else to really mention. Side note: The somewhat stupid Tseuda and squid segment is gone except for like one last appearance; I'm thankful for that.

I obviously enjoyed this or at least I should've if I'm still watching the series. If you've loved loved all the previous installments like I have, watch this last set of ovas and enjoy the comedy, characters, and such that you've come to love.