Feb 5, 2017
MaximoHentaisama (All reviews)
Review to Imouto to Sono Yuujin ga Ero Sugite Ore no Kokan ga Yabai #01-02:

Plot: Kanata lives with her sister who is tsundere. After sexual results, Riko also joins the party.

*Incest (8/10)
*Big Boobs (8/10)
*Vanilla (7/10)
*Tsundere (8/10)
*Schoolgirl (7/10)
*Public Sex (7/10)
*Virgin (Good, 7/10)
*Nakadashi (Cumshots everywhere, 8/10)

Good Things:
- The animation is very good and outstanding.
- The story is divided into arcs being the 1st OVA of Miu and the 2nd OVA of Riko.

Bad Things:
- The story of two brothers living together is repeated after Baka Na Imouto, but this time we have a friend, Riko.
- Instead, the design recycles scenes and old characters.

Kanata: Pervert and a mix of various CW characters
Miu: Tsundere, is in love with Kanata
Riko: She too likes Kanata

Apart from the imouto tsundere, these OVAS are not a novelty compared to previous adaptations already seen. If you like imoutos tsunderes and schoolgirls, you will enjoy it. I give 8/10