Feb 5, 2017
herlegacys (All reviews)
Story: 2/10. I don't get the story at all. nor the characters. This hentai is telling you to believe/decieve God because ONE of the characters said that they didn't need God and the OTHER character said that she was NOT a holy woman. and THIS piece of crap should've been a Anime instead of a hentai because it's like Ai Doll. Yes, I am a Christian, but hearing those words about decieving God really hurts my feelings.

Art: 7/10. I like the art but when bad things happen, one of the characters always have to smile in a weird expression.

Sound: 6/10. The VA and sound effects are fine.

Characters: 4/10. The characters in this hentai are VERY ANNOYING!!!! I cannot stand them.

Enjoyment: 3/10. UGH, GOD NO! They were doing sinful things and they STILL talk about God. I don't even know why this existed.

Overall: 4/10. If you want to watch religious hentai, then don't watch this.