Feb 4, 2017
CivilianHero (All reviews)
An anime that is so easily dismissed and left out was easily my favorite anime of not only the season but also for the entire year. Last year I felt there was no shortage of good anime. From seasoned veterans like JoJo to new shows like Mob Psycho, there was no dearth of anime I enjoyed. But between good shows there was another one which for me was great and arguably the greatest of them all. As this is a review for Saiki Kusuo (too long a name to write in full), there would be no prize for guessing the best of the lot. 5 mins a day, for 5 days a week, this anime consistently delivered big on laughs. Containing with itself all sorts of humor from slapstick to deadpan, this 5 min. anime was a treasure chest filled with rich laughs.

The premise of the anime was simple, it follows the life of protagonist Saiki who was born with superpowers, as he navigates through various scenarios of school life interacting with various people. These powers that range from telekinesis to transformation are all not a convenient gift, they also cause minor inconveniences. Each of the episode time just above 4 min and have a different stories. Earliest episodes include Saiki dealing with his over enthusiastic but simple parents, as the series progressed we become introduced to other lively characters at his school. Again, the early episodes were used to introduce characters, set up their personalities and to showcase Saiki's relationship with them. As the show progressed the stories used these characters like paint, they were mixed and match together creating hilarious situation for Saiki as he dealt with not only the characters but with the mess they created. Another impressive thing about the anime was how it dealt with introducing characters. A lot of characters were introduced at early stages of the anime. Then the anime focused on their relationship with Saiki. When the same characters were used multiple times the show introduced new characters. Also, unlike anime like Sket Dance, all the new characters weren't introduced simultaneously; rather they were introduced over a period of time. Often not more than one character was introduced at a time. As soon as a character was introduced, the character's relation with Saiki and co. was displayed, and just when things were starting to go stale another character was introduced, launching more permutation and combination into the mix. This way throughout 120 or 24 depending on the version, the anime was able to retain its charm and freshness.

The show had a huge cast. The good thing about having a huge cast is to have a variety of personalities. This can be both good and bad, depending on the mangaka. Though Saiki uses this to its advantage in a big way, probably the anime's biggest strength. All, I mean every single character had something to contribute. Every character had a different personality and each personality brought with it, its own brand of humour. From Saiki's deadpan-sarcastic style to Kaido's delusions humor to Nendou's dumb humor to Teruhashi's obsessed girl, to name a few; like this every character brought something new to the show. Every character a different color in the beautiful painting. None of the character will feel repetitive or tedious. From the moment they enter to the moment they sign off, each character was an absolute delight to watch.

The art and sound had nothing much to complain about, not that the anime itself had many complaints. They were pretty standard. Though I personally would give a shout out to both openings. A good opening, I feel, helps set the tone of the show. In this anime both the openings were cheerful and joyous, and helped set a merry mood. They were absolutely catchy to me and despite not being a Japanese, I couldn't help but hum the tune occasionally.

At long last, I would say that this little anime is absolutely worth the watch and deserves way more applause than it receives. To be honest, I too skipped on this one, due to episode's duration; albeit the very thing that made me skip it made me watch it. The duration per episode, it was perfect to watch as a break in between exams. Though once I started it I watched almost 30 episodes of it at once. After that everyday watching the 5 mins of the show and anticipating the next episode for 23hrs and 55 mins became part of my schedule. Thus, as said earlier this anime is perfect for the watchers who are looking for something hilarious and fun to watch and stress off on.