Feb 4, 2017
_Poochyena_ (All reviews)
Clannad: The Movie is a film I can watch any time, any place and still feel enthralled as if it were the first time.

As the precursor to the popular 2007 Clannad anime, the movie depicts moments and a perspective uniquely different from the anime. It's a fresh and original take on the story and covers the most important events well in a 90 minute runtime.

To someone who has only seen the 2007 anime, this movie will be jarring to you. The tone is very dramatic in contrast to the anime and a lot of the characters you may have loved in Clannad take a back seat in the movie. Some characters don't make an appearance at all which may or may not displease you based on how you felt about them before.

To someone who's seen neither Clannad 2007 or this movie, the story may confuse you because of the order they decided to place events. If you're watching the English dub, the pronunciation of some names may bother you as well. Good note that the same voice actors in the movie went on to voice the same characters in the anime. It's something I appreciated since I watched both in dub.

Some of the angles in this movie are righteously jarring. The director is audacious in his attempt to make scenes interesting and unsettling but after three times, the bubble lens effect gets annoying. Some scenes give the impression of a hallucination with the resampling effect they use but I just thought it was my media player acting up.

I think Clannad: The Movie is a bittersweet retelling of Clannad's Visual Novel story and for someone who just wants to put their foot in the water, it's a good place to start. None of the characters are overbearing or intolerable in the movie and the colors and music collaborate well to illustrate the feelings inside Tomoya Okazaki.

To someone who's never seen Clannad; good luck. But if you're looking for the real emotional experience to feel something really pull at your heart, I suggest watching the 2007 anime first.