Feb 2, 2017
AhmedFisherman (All reviews)
Kuzu no Honkai has finished airing and it's been a fun ride, so let's talk about the show.
Kuzu no Honkai is not your tipical romance anime, I've seen many people complaining about it and I understand them (especially after the last two episodes that destroyed my favourite character's personality), as a matter of fact this anime is not suited for everyone: as the title suggest the story revolves around scummy people and their desires, so there's nothing pleasurable to be seen.

Story: 7
Kuzu no Honkai is the story of a girl who discovers her true feelings through sexual growth.
The story's intro is quite interesting: the two main characters try to find solace in each other because they actually love their teachers. After this some supporting characters are introduced and the story takes a twisted and fucked up turn. If you don't care about romantic relationships you'll enjoy the anime until the last episodes, where everything was rushed and hadn't a proper explanation. But I have to say that I really liked how the show ended, I didn't see that coming. Overall it's not bad.

Art: 8
The art is beautiful and I love the animation: the VN like sequences were pretty good and fit the mood of the story.
However I found the character design a bit bland, the male characters looked very much alike, I swear I wouldn't have recognised them apart without checking their hair colour.

Sound: 8
This show has one of the best soundtracks among the animes of the winter season; the piano OSTs were soothing and relaxing. Also the voice acting was ok, nothing bothered me about it.

Characters: 7
The characters aren't stereotyped and they undergo some development throughout the show (many of them are really worthy "scum" as the title suggests), but I didn't like the sudden and rushed change of some characters, these changes felt unrealistic and forced.

Enjoyment: 9
When I watched the first episode I couldn't handle my curiosity and I read the manga. The anime ended before the manga and I liked it, I was never bored when I was watching Kuzu no Honkai even though my expectations were maybe a little too high after reading the manga.

Overall: 8
This show deserves a chance, it's not a conventional romance; if you're looking for something original and psychological and you don't care about ships give this show a try. It is very good in its horribility.