Feb 1, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate 8 (very good)
seen via english subtitles

Ever walk to the movie and left saying i did not get my money's worth. here, you wont feel that way.

-art is crisp and clear. I do tend to mention that but here it makes more of a difference. Here you have a constant mash up(group) of a lot of females. All of which are beautiful in their own way.

-symbolism: How many people buy and buy? Or, how many people press on at a moment's thought. Those actions we take on a daily basis are good for us but not for others. Confused? let me explain. If you buy Christmas gifts for your beloved or friends you are buying it for them not you. Therefore, you will spend what ever the going rate is. For chances are high the stuff they would want are things you don't use or not knowledgeable about. Hence, you can easily be manipulated with price jack ups. Whether it is jewelry or a t-shirt. You buy since it is there for let's say 50 dollars and wrap the gift. What most don't know is the deceitful act in that. That gift as nice as it is easily sells for half that price but since you bought it that high the cost will not come down until after Christmas is over. Any-who, my point is this story is good at explaining and elaborating on repercussions through the treatment the characters provide on animals, women, and machines.

-plot: is a riot. Sure the plot makes sense but not often do you get a remix on a remix.

-message: i am sure there were other messages but plot's message on justice failed. You have abuse to left and right. Some may seem kind but it is still abuse. There ending action at resolving it is to repair. That is right. You are hurt and mangled try not to be and press forwards. No real punishment was inflicted towards the wrong actions people took. Is the viewer supposed to lear to shrug off evil?