Jan 31, 2017
Yuna67876 (All reviews)
This felt really good to watch. This is an anime that I was unsure about to start off with, but it was something different to me. I try to explain it in the categories, because everything felt special.

Story: As a story, you have many of the same tropes that you have, but it surrounds what I would call the relationships, that Shirayuki experiences during her time in the castle (not really trying to go into detail because i'm avoiding spoilers). The story I'll give an 8.

Art: As art I can describe it in one word beautiful. It really does suck you in, due to the fact that the show takes it time to make you love the setting around you. Even from the opening alone it shows how well the art is done. The art I give a 9.

Sound: Now im going to start this off with the intro, and ending stuff. Honesty I did not care for the opening, or the ending. Both of them are great do not get me wrong, but it really takes a lot to get me into an opening. As for watching it Sub, or Dub I did watched the dub. The dub, is worth watching (and I know a lot of people will say that they don't watch dubs but this one worth it). The dub has Austin Tinstale which he has become a if he in it I watch it (because I liked him in 91 Days). The sound I give a 7.

Characters: Something interested in me in the characters in this show. Shirayuki is not a dansal in distress which I loved, It great and refreshing to see a girl who does not depend on anyone else. Even though Zen (the main male) is protective of her, she is still independent for herself. The side characters can b the comic relif at times, but they are important too. Characters are a solid 10 for me

'Enjoyment, and Overall: As an enjoyment value I give it a 9, I got what I needed to enjoy it. Overall value is an 8, I will be giving the second season a watch definitely recommend this, for people who want a strong female character, and for something a little light on the fantasy side.