Jan 29, 2017
Marshee (All reviews)
Three years ago, Hashimoto Shun, a gay novelist in the making, met Chibana Mio, a very quiet high school student, in Okinawa. Mio had lost both of his two parents and was often seen sitting on a bench until very late, watching the sea, near Shun's house. They slowly grew closer to one another, but Mio suddenly had to leave the island, to pursue his studies...

Three years later, Mio returns to Okinawa: "I've been thinking a lot these last three years... Even if he's a man too, I love Shun."

Will these two finally be able to take a step forward together?

My favorite shounen ai/ yaoi manga after seven days,. so much cuteness and i love how it is not entirely focus about sexual interactions, but also about finding peace in a place or with someone you never thought you would fall in love with,. :) .
I love the characters , especially Mio and how he changes from being a gloomy child to a cheerful and carefree adult (age 20 actually).
the ART is absolutely a masterpiece , i love it. <3