Jan 29, 2017
ariffmontel (All reviews)
Maga tsuki, is another rom com harem, with cliched characters, however, it has been executed well. There's nothing special about the story, expect the same plots you'll get from any other harem rom coms. 1 boy, 4/5 girls and a mission to make them all happy so that he could lift a curse which has befall upon him.

The characters are likeable and the jokes are not bad, 1 thing i realized is the author gradually made yasuke more and more of a perverted guy just to make the plot funny, even though it gets tiring. One of the few animes i think this is quite similar to is sora no otoshimono and inukami.

i liked the fact that there is progress, even though slow in the relationship between the main character.

Overall, this is an enjoyable light manga, i would very much suggest to anyone who is a fan of harem rom coms