Jan 25, 2017
TrueRushed (All reviews)
A quite beautiful song with a comparingly beautiful music video. It's kinda clichee but very catchy and as a christmas song it is very fitting. It is about two people finding together and enjoying being close on christmas but also sharing their life, the usual stuff but thats what you want for chrismas a little heartfelt song but with enough emotion that you realize you're not in church.

The art in this one is a mix of handrawn doodleish style and cut out paper style with befits the song very well and is much more enjoyable than the usual "family dad stands before a christmas tree after hard work just returning in time for his family to enjoy his presence" live action music videos. This song feels lighter due to it and that is a good thing.

I would rather have this playing on christmas eve than white Christmas, Last Chrismas and all the other songs that will never die. I like this one!