Jan 24, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
rate an 8 (very good)
seen via english dub

-plot was straight forward. There were no questions. You had good background on each character. Also enjoyed the friendly banter the two girls had with each other in terms of the comedy aspect.

-art: crisp and detailed.


-Character's drawing. The main two females are related but it does not show. Was that the intention? was it an overlook?

-plot with regard to the ecchi factor. Right there no hold back on a character that really did not like that. Not that i minded it is just a more respected approach would have served better. Or have the character come up with some witty remarks to put herself in a relax state of mind.

p.s. fan of school crushes with some spooky tension in the mix. Help yourself. As for our female viewers i agree it could definitely be more dignified but sleazy tends to win.*sigh.

Also, could use more drama. Actions taken were nice but you could see them coming. Which would make this a cheep thrill i suppose.