Jan 24, 2017
CynicalXperiment (All reviews)
I don’t hold Happiness in high regards to begin with, but it seems that it’s got some more boring content for me to talk about. If I didn’t think that making a character trans as their sole quality of shallow identification was stupid enough, we have an extra OVA dedicated to wacky gender-bender hijinks to make sure I actually get angry.

All qualities of the show still stand, aside from the plot that isn’t present at all in this special episode. The story that they come up with is easy pointlessness, because it’s an extra episode and nobody producing it cares. The guy character who dressed and acted as a girl is hit with a freak magic spell one day and switches sexes, and now everyone at the school is attracted to her because of magic. The show already used transgenderism as a means to get out of personality creation, which was insulting enough, and now it harmlessly creates metaphors that just happen to push ideas of “real” womanhood and trans invalidation. The real purpose of this special is for lighthearted laughs but that’s giving their comedy way too much credit.

Happiness OVA: