Jan 23, 2017
Vestige (All reviews)
Before we begin reading my review for Futabu! we should first delve into why exactly it is
that I am writing this review, and the reason is because I just love the series so much that
mere words alone cannot describe it, so instead I stand here trying to describe an emotion.

We're starting with the story because most would say Hentai has no story but I disagree.
This is easily the best story ever written for a hentai, you were probably tricked into thinking
this was another low quality low budget hentai pushed out into the world for you stroke addicts to beat
your unhealthy meat to but no. THIS is the absolute height of human creations. Humanity was created to
make this unrivaled hentai a reality. YOU will build high quality relationships throughout this series while
watching the characters embark on their adventures through a Futanari club hosted by some highschool that should
probably shut them down due to how amazing they are.

The art is absolutely stunning, I would go as far to say I haven't quite seen something that displays
such amazing art like this has. Before I watched this I was lost and had no idea about the wonders I
was missing out on but let me tell you, it doesn't get any better than this my friends. The way the
semen bursts out of the small holes is just so pleasing I cannot even fathom the budget for these scenes.
Try to imagine an overflowing dam ejecting excess water through small holes to avoid overflowing.
You really need to see it to believe it and, trust me once you see it there is no going back.
If you enjoy quite literally artistic perfection on a 2d screen then you can't go wrong with this god hentai.

Going into this I was thinking "How good could the sound possibly be? it is just a low budget hentai",
I couldn't have been more incorrect in my life, this is the highest quality of sound I have ever heard.
So high quality in fact that your headphones are the limiting factor to this euphoric audio.
The moans couldn't turn me on any more than they already do, it is mentally and physically impossible
for this kind of audio to be dethroned. Have you ever wanted to be turned on beyond belief by the sounds
of definitely old enough Japanese females that definitely don't SOUND old enough? well if so then this is
for you. And I don't blame you because the audio is just that good.

Now I don't have too much to say about these characters other than that they are the most memorable characters
from my life, the day I forget these moans and seemingly perfectly drawn lines is the day my brain stops functioning.
The best way for me to explain the feelings that I have built towards these characters, no, the relationships I have
built with these extremely well acted characters is by saying go and try it for yourself, there is nothing better than this
it is the absolute height of perfectionism.

As you've previously read during this review I lack the words to fully explain just how perfect this show is. So
instead I will explain the few days after experiencing this masterpiece. Sunday is the day that I unknowingly came into
contact with this unexpected masterpiece and trust me, the rest of the day was spent pondering my emotions towards it.
Monday was pretty much the same except, I was unable to leave my bed. Now that I had finished the most amazing creation
ever made by the human race I was lost, trapped in darkness, nothing to take my mind off of it. On Tuesday I called in sick to
work because I just wasn't ready to return to the outside world, Tuesday was also the day I decided I had to re-watch it.
On Wednesday a medic team was sent to my house due to complaints of "erratic masturbating obsession" by my Neighbours, I assured
them I was fine and they went on their way. Wednesday I laid low to avoid another visit from the medic team. On Thursday I went
to an underground business meeting to spread the word of this masterpiece, we gained many loyal followers to the cause.
Now Friday, Friday was the day it all went wrong, I was sitting there pondering my existence and all I had done the previous day
with the Futabu! Praise Association when I heard a knock on the front door. It was the authorities, they had come to fix my issue
and take down the leader of the Futabu! Praise Association, and they did just that. Without my involvement the Futabu! Praise Association fell
and I was locked away for a very long time. Fast forward 9 months and here we are writing/reading our way through this crazy event I was
heavily involved in, I'm currently on the run to avoid the anti-Futabu! police squad and am here posting this in hopes that others
will join the cause and help me rebel against the corrupt Futabu!-hating governments.